Game Mechanics

As a beginner, when you first start play the game you’ll have to play through tutorials. The opening tutorials are good enough to get complete idea on how to play it. Some tutorials are not so much but once you’ve done with it you can just skip them and it will lead you to the main screen.


Game Modes

Classic – player vs player 5 heroes v 5 heroes ( Casual Game play Mode)

Rank – almost same as the classic mode but the player will compete against each other for ranks.

Brawl – 5 heroes v 5 heroes, player v player, one lane, simple base attack with nonspecific characters.

Vs  A.I. – 5 players vs 5 AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) depends on difficult mode + you have to invite 4 other players to start the game.

Custom – 1+ vs 1+, this game mode is most likely Human Vs AI but can play alone and can fight with 1-5 AI’s against you, or invite other players to play with you.

Frenzy – pick up food items to enhance your ability.

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