Mobile Legends is an addictive game that currently being played,  and if you have been playing this for the past few months you will realize how important saving battle points, purchasing Diamonds, right time on promotions and most important enhancing your battle emblems. But you have to be active player and play it more than 5 times a day to receive the daily bonuses.

Medal Chest – can be accessed if you get medals. the medals can be earn while playing a match and earn 10 points or earning more points in every match you play points you get depends also on your performance. If you get MVP you will get 10 points, Gold 7 points, Silver 7 points, Bronze 3 points so give your best in playing so your earn more points to unlock the medal chests. These medal chest refresh every 12 hours and the game will hold 2 chests for you and keep checking to claim this chests and reset the timer to earn the next chest.

Rewards to be claim

Free Chest – every player gets free chest every 4 hours so make sure to login in every 4 hours to claim it, however if you miss to login in time no need to worry your next free chest will be stored so when you login you can claim 2 free chest at a time then your time will reset again for the next free chest reward.

Rewards to be claim

Free Lucky Spins – the shop offers you to purchase stuff you need, but there is this the lucky spin that gives you the chance to win a permanent skin for your hero. you will have the privilege to spin once every 48 hours to try your luck but if you want to spin more without waiting you can purchase the lucky spin by your collected diamonds.

Daily Rewards – login daily to claim your reward. this will take few seconds so don’t miss this simple reward given.

The rewards and their use

Premium Skin Fragment – is used to purchase skins.

EXP – is for your account level, however it is pretty useless once you unlock the abilities you need.

Like – is used to give your appreciation to your favorite streamer.

Battle Points – is used to purchase heroes.

Emblems – is used to enhance your emblems depending on what you need.

Magic Dust – can be substitute to emblems.

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