BEATRIX information

Dawnbreak Soldier

Role – Marksman

Specialty – Reap/Damage

Mechanical Genius


Her extraordinary talent in the field of mechanics allowed Beatrix to produce 4 weapon(s) of truly awe-inspiring firepower.

Renner Basic Attack – Longshot: Fire a powerful shot in the enemy’s current direction, dealing 125(+500% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to the first target hit (this shot can be dodge, or blocked by others. Deals 50% damage to creeps).

Beatrix cannot Crit, and converts every 1% Critical Chance gained into 1 Physical Attack.

Masterful Gunner

CD: 12.0
Passive: Beatrix can carry 2 weapons at once, and increase her Physical Attack by 5.

Active: Beatrix takes 0.6s to swap her primary weapon with the secondary she has slung over her back, gaining an all-new way to attack and Ultimate.

Tactical Reposition

CD: 8.0 Type: Blink

Beatrix rolls forward while fully reloading her current weapon.

Renner’s Apathy

CD: 24.0 Type: Physical Skill

Beatrix wields Renner calmly upon the battlefield, aiming at the enemy. When releasing the skill, she deals 700(+250% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to the first enemy hit.

This skill gets 50% Physical Lifesteal, but its not affected by Spell Vamp.

Beatrix can aim for up to 20s.

Need Backup

CD: 30.0

Having escaped battle for 3s, Beatrix can call for het butler Morgan to provide her with a backup weapons crate.

Beatrix must then choose two from the crate to serve as her primary and secondary weapons.

Her weapon selection is interrupted if she commits any action or is controlled during this period.


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