Crimson Shadow

Role – Assassin

Specialty – Charge/Burst

 Ninjutsu: Shadow Heal


Hayabusa’s ninjutsu damage adds 1 Shadow Stack. Every stack increases Hayabusa’s ninjutsu damage by 5%.

 Phantom Shuriken

CD: 4.0 Energy Cost: 30

Hayabusa throws three shurikens forward that travel back to him after flying a certain distance. Each shuriken deals 170(+70% Extra Physical ATK ) points f Physical Damage to enemies and slows them. Hayabusa also recovers 10 points of energy. Damage and regenerative effects of this skill decay over times. Every level of this skill will grant Hayabusa 3% spell vamp.

 Quad Shadow

CD: 18.0 Energy Cost: 25

Hayabusa moves towards a designated direction and releases a phantom behind him. If the phantom hits an enemy, it will split into 3 phantoms that travel in different directions. When phantoms hit enemy heroes, they will slow the enemy hero by 60% deal 130(+30% Extra Physical ATK ) points of Physical Damage, and seep into the enemy hero. Hayabusa can reactivate this skill to travel to a phantom’s location. If that phantom happens to be in an enemy hero, Hayabusa will deal an additional 130(+30% Extra Physical ATK ) points of Physical Damage. Every time Hayabusa travels using Quad Shadow, the cooldown for shuriken is reduced.

 Ougi: Shadow Kill

CD: 44.0 Energy Cost: 25

Phantoms deal multiple, single-target damage to enemies in an area. Every attack deals 160(+90% Extra Physical ATK ) poinst of Physical Damage.


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