Ocean Goddess

Role – Mage

Specialty – Burst/Charge



Every 30s, Kadita receives Blessing from the Might of the Ocean. In 4s after taking Damage, she regenerates 65% of HP lost within the skill’s duration.

Ocean Oddity

CD: 9.0 Mana Cost: 80 Type: Magic Skill/Blink

Kadita becomes a mermaid and summons an ocean wave. She then rides on the wave, dealing 300(90% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage and slow the enemies by 30%. She gains immunity to all crowd control skills and reduces 50% damage taken when she is inside the waves. Use Again: She will immediately get off the wave, the the wave would travel itself in the current direction. This skill ignores the obstacles.

Breath of the Ocean

CD: 8.0 Mana Cost: 90 Type: Magic Skill

Kadita summons an ocean wave to mark a designated area. After a period of time, the waves surges out f the ground to deal 350(+140% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage and knocks an enemy into the air for 1.5 secs.

Kadita can cast this skill during Ocean Oddity. By doing so, she releases Breath of the Ocean at the place she stands at all and the waves surge out faster.

Rough Waves

CD: 40.0 Mana Cost: 200 Type: Magic Skill

With the might of the ocean at her command, Kadita summons a tsunami to crush nearby enemies. Each wave deals 300(+60% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage and slows them by 25%. The more waves an enemy takes, the more damage they take. The tsunami then returns to her and deals 200(+40% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to enemies on the path ( The damage decays when hitting the same enemy hero for multiple times).


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