Steel Elf

Role – Tank/Support

Specialty – Crowd Control/Push

 Noumenon Energy Core


Whenever Lolita takes no damage for 5 consecutive secs, Noumenon Energy Core will recharge slowly, temporarily granting Lolita and her nearby allies a shield when at max charge.


CD: 10.0 Mana Cost: 70

Lolita dashes a short distance, increasing basic attack damage and range in the next 5 secs and reducing target’s movement speed by 20% on hit.

 Guardian’s Bulwark

CD: 17.5 Mana Cot: 90

Lolita raises her shield to block all incoming ranged basic attacks and projectiles. after shield falls, tap the skill again to launched energy Blast. Energy Blast deals 400(+50% Total Physical ATK) to 800(+100% Total Physical ATK) physical damage to the first target hit and surrounding enemies. (The more projectiles and basic attacks the shield blocks, the more damage the blast will do).

 Noumenon Blast

CD: 48.0 Mana Cost: 120

Lolita gains a passive shield effect, then after charging for 2 secs, deals 350(+100% Total Physical ATK)-700(+200% Total Physical ATK) physical damage in a cone in front of her. When casting at max charge, Lolita will also stun her enemies for 2 secs (tap again to fire immediately). when charging, Lolita reduces the movement speed of enemies within basic attack range by 75%.


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