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LUO YI information

Yin-yang Geomancer

Role – Mage

Specialty – Damage/Crowd Control



Luo Yi’s skills create marks of Yin and Yang on the battlefield, each lasting up to 6s.
Yin-Yang Reaction happens whenever two bearers of opposite marks come close to each other, causing 450(+15* Hero Level)(+150% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and stunning them for 1. Each time Luo Yi applies a new mark to a new mark bearer, she gains 300(+10* Hero Level)(+120% Total Magic Power) shield (capped a 3 stacks) and 30% of movement speed (decays rapidly in 2s).


CD: 1.2 Mana Cost: 60 Type: Magic Skill

Luo Yi casts the energy of Yang/Yin in a designated direction, dispersing upon the first hit and dealing 250(+100% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the target and enemies behind in a fan-shaped area, applying Mark of Yang/Yin to enemy Heroes hit.
Luo Yi gains a stack of Dispersion every 8s, up to 4 stacks. she gains an additional 1 stacks each time Yin-Yang reaction happens.
Shift the state of the skill cast.


CD: 12.0 Mana Cost: 120 Type: Magic Skill

Luo Yi summons Fire of Yang/Aqua of Yin in a designated area, dealing 250(+50% Total Magic Power) magic Damage on targets hit and slowing them by 60% for 0.5s.
Fire of Yang/Aqua of Yin lasts for 6s, dealing 50(+10% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage every 0.7s, causing continues Yin-Yang reaction with nearby units.
Shift the state of the skill upon skill cast.


CD: 65.0 Type: Blink

CD of every Luo Yi’s skill reduced by 2%.

Active: Luo Yi creates a teleport circle around herself. After 3s, she sends any allied heroes in the circle to another location on the battlefield. (within 18 range).


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