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Abyssal Witch

Role – Assassin/Mage

Specialty – Reap/Burst



Selena can switch freely between her two forms.

Elven Form: When using skills in her Elven form, Selena attaches Abyssal Mark. Stacks up to 2 times. When Abyssal Trap hits an enemy, it immediately adds an Abyssal Mark.

Abyssal Form: All damage will consume 1 of Abyssal Mark To deal extra 240-450(+40% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage.

 Abyssal Trap

CD: 8.0 Mana Cost: 60

The iron will of the Abyss befalls.

Selena summons an Abyssal Devil to lurk in a designated location. The Abyssal Devil smothers a nearby enemy with its body. The enemy’s Movement Speed reduced by 70%. After 1 secs, this skill deals 400(+150% Total Magic Power ) Magic Damage to the target and other nearby enemies, slows enemies for 1 secs by 50%.

Selena can summon up to 3 Abyssal Devils. For each Abyssal Devil, the final extra damage will increase 50%.

 Abyssal Arrow

CD: 12.0 Mana Cost: 70

Selena fires magic arrows in a designated direction. The enemy hero hit first takes 250(+20% Total Magic Power) to 500(+40% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage and will be stunned fr 0.5 secs to 3 secs. Stun duration and damage increase with the distance the arrows fly.

the arrow absorbs Abyssal Traps as it travels to the target enemy, effects of Abyssal Traps will be inflicted to target enemy upon hit. If stunned an enemy for 1 secs or longer, Selena’s Movement Speed will be increased by 40%. Lasts 2 secs.

 Primal Darkness

CD: 4.5

Selena enters Abyssal Form and increases her Movement Speed for 30%. Lasts 0.8 secs. Immediately reset the CD of Soul Eater and Garotte.

Abyssal Form: Gain new skills. Her Basic Attack will deal extra (+25% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage.


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