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THAMUZ information

Lord Lava

Role – Fighter

Specialty – Reap/Burst

 Grand Lord Lava


Thamuz inflicts a Scorch Effect when dealing damage to enemies, which deals 12(+5% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies continuously. This effect can be stacked. Also, Thamuz moves 3 faster when he’s not carrying his Scythe. Increases his own Movement Speed by 25% without Scythe. Retrieving the Scythe will strengthen his next Basic Attack to deal 100% points of damage, slowing targets by 30%, and generates a gush of lava beneath the target. This Lava explodes in 2 secs, dealing 50(+110% Total Physical ATK ) points of True Damage.

 Molten Scythes

CD: 0.0

Thamuz tosses Scythe to a designated direction. After travelling for a certain distance or hitting the first enemy hero, they deal 150(+60% Total Physical ATK ) points of Physical Damage. The Scythe will then slow nearby enemies by 30% for a period of time, and deal 45(+20% Extra Physical aTK ) points of Physical Damage in every 0.5 secs.

After leaving Thamuz for a period of time or a certain distance, the Scythe will return to Thamuz.

Thamuz can approach the scythes to retrieve them.

 Chasm Trample

CD: 11.0

Thamuz jumps to a designated area to deal 230(+60% Extra Physical ATK ) points of Physical Damage and slow the enemy units by 25% when landing. Lasts 2 secs.

If the scythes are still travelling, they will return to Thamuz and Molten Scythes will reset its CD instantly.

 Cauterant Inferno

CD: 45.0

Thamuz spouts the lava stored within his body to deal 300(+80% Total Physical ATK ) points of Physical Damage to enemies in nearby area and creates a cauterant atmosphere around him. The atmosphere lasts 9 secs and deals 20(+5% Extra Physical ATK ) points of Physical Damage every 0.5 secs. Thamuz recovers 3% HP when dealing damage with Basic Attack or scythes when this skill is active. He gains an extra 22% Attack when using Cauterant Inferno.


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