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X.BORG information

Firaga Armor

Role – Fighter

Specialty – Regen/Burst

Firaga Armor


X.Borg’s figara Armor inherits of his Max HP and takes all damage for X.Borg while its active. When the armor is consumed, X.Borg will disengage from the Armor and roll to the direction chose by your Joystick, he takes no damage in the process. The energy of his Armor is gradually regenerated while X.Borg is in the Armorless State. When energy is full, X.Borg re-equips the Armor and restore the Armor to 30% of his Max HP.
X.Borg’s fire damage causes enemies to warm up, and enemies with highest temperature will drop Figara supplies when they take flame damage. Picking up a Figara supply restores 10% of Armor HP, or 15 energy while in Armorless state.

Fire Missiles

CD: 4.0 Type: Physical Skill/true DMG Skill

X.Borg activates the flame thrower and fires in the designated direction, dealing 30(+50% Total Physicl ATK) points of Physical Damage for 2 secs. Enemies whose temperature rises to the limit will take True Damage and slow down by 10%.

Armorless state: X.Borg adjust the flamethrower to narrow angle and lengthen distance , reducing the damage t 60% of that in Armor State.

Fire Stake

CD: 12.0 Type: Physical Skill

X.Borg shoots 5 Fire Stakes at the edge of the fan-shaped indicator. 1.7 secs later, the stakes are taken back into his body. Each stake deals 50(+20% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to enemies in the path and pulls them back. if the Fire Stake touches the Figara supplies in its path, it will be take them back as well.

Armorless State: X.Borg adjust the Fire Stake Launcher to send the stakes farther away and shortens the gap between the stakes.

Last Insanity

CD: 30.0 Type: Physical Skill/True DMG Skill

X.Borg charges forward in a designated direction, shooting fire around to deal 200(+100% Extra Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage and slowing enemies by 25%. If he hits an enemy hero during the charge, he will stop charging and slow the target by extra 40%. the whole process lasts 3 secs. Then he self-explodes to cause 300 and 15% of True Damage of target’s Max HP. The explosion destroys the current Firaga Armor and deals 50% damage and puts himself under Armor less State, where this skill cannot be used.
He can move again according to the direction of Joystick after he self-explodes.

Use Again: End the flame spray and self-explode right away.


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