YU ZHONG Play Video

YU ZHONG information

Black Dragon

Role – Fighter

Specialty – Charge/Damage

Cursing Touch


Yu Zhong applies Sha Residue to the target every time he deals damage to enemy heroes, and gathers Sha Essence in the meantime.

Sha Residue erupts upon reaching 5 stacks, consuming 1 stack every 0.25s. Each stack consumption deals 40(+30% Extra Physical ATK)+2% of the target’s HP lost as Physical Damage restores 8% of his HP lost and gather 8 Sha Essence for Yu Zhong.

When Sha Essence is fully charged, Yu Zhong gains 40% Movement Speed and 20% Spell Vamp.

(During the period, Sha Essence can be restored by dealing damage to enemies).

Dragon Tail

CD: 5.5 Type: Physical Skill

Yu Zhong infuses his power into his cloak and turns it into a weapon, which starts to attack nearby enemies after a short delay. the inner area of the cloak deals 200(+100% Extra Physical ATK) Physical Damage, whereas the sharpened edge deals 250% damage and applies 2 stacks of Sha Residue.

This skill only benefits 40% from Spell Vamp on minions.

Soul Grip

CD: 14.0 Type: Physical Skill

Yu Zhong unleashes the Dragon Soul, dealing 150(+120% Extra Physical ATK) Physical Damage to all enemies in front and slowing them by 60% for 1s.

Upon target hit, Yu Zhong’s next Basic Attack will be enhanced, dealing 108(100% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage. (Upon multiple target hit, Yu Zhong applies Sha Residue multiple times with the enhanced Basic Attack, dealing up to 200% damage).

Furious Dive

CD: 10.6 Type: Physical Skill/Blink

Yu Zhong leaps towards the designated area with his full strength, dealing 180(+90% Extra Physical ATK) Physical Damage. He is able to dash one more time in the movement direction. After a short delay, enemies within the area of effect will be knocked airborne for 1s and take 180(+90% Extra Physical ATK) additional Physical Damage.

Black Dragon Form

CD: 65.0 Type: Physical skill

After channeling for 0.6s, Yu Zhong transform into the Black Dragon form and starts charging. In up to 7s, he gains Control Immunity, ignores obstacles, and increases Max HP by 600(+200% Extra Physical ATK), dealing 200(+80% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to enemy heroes on the path and knocking them back.

Upon exiting the Black Dragon form, Yu Zhong deals the same amount of damage to enemies nearby, and enters Dragon Form for 10s with the help of the remaining influence of the Black Dragon. The Dragonoid form improves the range of all his skills.


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