Planes Dominator

Role – Mage

Specialty – Push/Poke



Upon death, Zhask commands Nightmaric spawn to self-explode with him, dealing 500(+100% Total Magic Power) points of True Damage to enemies nearby.

 Nightmaric Spawn

CD: 16.0 Mana Cost: 100

Zhask summons Nightmaric Spawn in the designated location. Nightmaric Spawn cannot move but will automatically attack nearby enemies. Every 2 Basic Attacks launch Death Ray at a target, slowing those who are hit continuously for a short time.

Nightmaric Spawn will enjoy 70% of Zhask’s Attributes. If Zhask is too far away from Nightmaric Spawn, it will disappear.

 Mind Eater

CD: 8.0 Mana Cost: 50

Zhask fires penetrating mental missile in the designated direction, dealing 360(+100% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to enemies along the way, after which Nightmaric Spawn will cast Mind Eater once. If both of them hit the same target, then the target will be stunned for 0.5 secs.

Fusion Enhanced: The damage of Zhask and Nightmaric spawn is fused together, dealing 640(+180% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage.

 Hive Clones

CD: 10.0 Mana cost: 60

Zhask releases a swarm of Nightmaric Clones in the targeted direction. The clones will explode and deal 140(+50% TotaL Magic Power) points of Magi Damage to enemies on contact, reducing their Movement Speed by 80%. Lasts 1 secs.

If Nightmaric Clones find no target, they will burrow into the ground and ambush enemies passing by.

Fusion Enhanced: Zhask releases several swarms of Nightmaric Clones.

 Dominator’s Descent

CD: 60.0 Mana cost: 200

Zhask substantially enhances the power of Nightmaric Spawn, increasing all its attributes. The enhancement increases as skill levels up.

Use Again: Zhask immediately gets off Nightmaric Spawn and loses enhancement.


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