AURORA Play Video

AURORA information

Queen of the North

Role – Mage

Secialty – Crowd Control/Burst

 Pride of Ice


Each time the skill is cast, one unit of frost energy will be added to Aurora, when 4 units of frost energy is collected,
the next skill damage will freezes the target. All skills can deal extra Magic Damage to the frozen target.

 Frost shock

CD: 4.0 Mana Cost: 55

Aurora fires a Frost Energy Missile, when it hits the enemy it will detonate and deal 300(+130%Total Magic Power)
points of radial Magic Damage and slow enemies down.

 Bitter Frost

CD: 11.0 Mana Cost: 110

Aurora deals 430(+180%Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage at specified target and causes target’s movement speed to drop 80% for 1.5 secs.

 Cold Destruction

CD: 40.0 Mana Cost: 160

Aurora summons a giant icy rock to bombard a designated target location, all enemy heroes hit will be slowed down and receive 900(+180%Total Magic Damage) points of Magic Damage. Surrounding enemies of the target location where the rock lands also will be slowed down and receive 450(+90%Total Magic Damage) points of Magic Damage.


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