Mobile Legends Bang Bang Audio and their Meaning

When playing Mobile Legends, you will often hear an audio that announce the foreign terms during the is more easier for player to understand whats going on in the game. Weather and enemy has been killed  or your allies has been killed and etc.


If you kill an enemy you will hear the following words said by the announcer.

First Blood – kill the first in the game, either from the team mates or from the opponents.

Double Kill – kill two heroes at a time

Triple Kill – kill three heroes at a time

Maniac – kill the four heroes at a time

Savage – kill five heroes at a time

Meanwhile, when the enemy camps kills an allies you will hear the following words from the announcer.

Enemy Double kill – the enemy kills two heroes at a time

Enemy Triple kill – the enemy kills three heroes at a time

Enemy Maniac – the enemy kills four heroes at a time

Enemy Savage – the enemy kills five heroes at a time

Wiped Out – If all the heroes die over the camp, then you will hear the announcer say it.

Kill Streak – if one hero perform a kill in a row without defeating or dying, then it is called a kill streak. each time you do a kill streak an announcer will say the following words depending on numbers of killed.

Killing Spree – making kill streak three times

Mega Kill – kill streak four times

Unstoppable – to kill streak five times

Godlike – kill the streak seven times

Legendary – kill the streak eight times or more

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