Heroes and their Roles

Specifically, there are six type of hero roles in Mobile Legend Bang Bang.

1. Tank

2. Fighter

3. Assassin

4. Marksman

5. Support

6. Mage

Here are some basic info about the hero and their roles.

Tank – is very useful when team mate backing up, their positions is always in front to protect or become shield against friends. they are high in HP ( Health Point ) and high Def ( Defense ) but it has a very low attack, with its durability as a hero, they are good in splitting up the enemy formation and allowing to shove the enemy. Here are the Tank hero in mobile legend.

Fighter – fighter has a similarity on tank, they also fight in front and side by side with the tank. fighter in general has a high defense and attack. Here are the Fighter hero in mobile legend.

Assassin – is a type of fighter who has the high attack and speed.Assassin heroes are very deadly so you have to wait
for a good or  perfect timing before attacking. you must be very fast in attacking and make sure to finish all the
opponents at the last moment. Here are the Assassin hero in mobile legend.

Marksman – are the type of hero with high attack, damage, critical and distance, this type of hero have very important role in killing enemy, the hero marksman is in the back line next to mage hero. they are probably and determine to have a victory with the team. Here are the Marksman hero in mobile legend.

Support – are the type of hero as healer. they are very useful throughout the game, they can heal, and slow down the
movement to distract the formation of enemy. Here are the Support hero in mobile legend.

Mage – the role of this wizard rely on the skill of the hero,this type of hero make’s the enemy hassles of your team mates, also can deal with great damage and inflicts to the enemies HP. however their ability is the weakest and attacks are useless. Here are the Mage hero in mobile legend.


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