BADANG Play Video

BADANG information

Tribal Warrior

Role – Fighter

Specialty – Charge/Burst

Chivalry Fist


Badang’s Basic attack after every 4 times knocks enemies back (+120% Total Physical ATK ) points of Physical Damage to them. Enemies that are knocked back to the obstacles will be stunned. Last 0.8 secs. the minions and Creeps will be stunned immediately. Badang’s fist Wind also has Passive effect.

Qigong Fist

CD: 7.0 Type: Physical Basic ATK

Badang coheres all his strength to his fist and performs an overwhelming Fist Wind, dealing 220(+70% Total Physical ATK ) points of Physical Damage to enemies on the path and slowing them by 30%. The damage of Qigong fist will trigger Basic Attack effect and stack 1 time for the Chivalry Fist. All fist winds of Badang explode when hitting the obstacles left by him, dealing extra 155(+50% Total Physical ATK ) points of Physical Damage.

Fist Break

CD: 10.0 Type: Physical Skill/Blink

Badang dashes towards the designated direction. If he hits enemies along the way, he will knock them back and deal 230(+ 50% Total Physical ATK ) points of Physical Damage to them, leaving an obstacle along the path for 4 secs. Enemies that hit on the obstacle will take 130(+30% Total Physical ATK ) points f physical Damage.
Use Again: Remove the obstacles that he creates. If he doesnt hit any enemy along the way, the CD will be reduced by 40%.

Fist Crack

CD: 30.0 Type: Physical Basic ATK
Fight to protect and persist for benelovence

Badang quickly throws his fist in the designated direction and generates a Fist Wind at the moment of release, dealing 70(+ 50% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies for several times. This fist wind enjoys Basic Attack Effect, and when the fist wind hits the obstacle, it will explode and deal 42(+ 30% Total Physical ATK ) points of Physical Damage. During the release of the skill, badang generates a shield that absorbs 500(+ 150% Total Physical ATK ) ponts of Damage. This shield makes him immune to Control Effects.


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