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Partners In Crime

Role – Marksman

Specialty – Reap/Burst

 Battle Side-by-Side


Dexter launches an attack to help Claude. Deals 35% of Claude’s damage in bonus damage to enemy units that were damaged by Claude’s basic attacks. (Dexter also enjoys the basic attack bonus)

 Art of Thievery

CD: 5.0 Mana Cost:65

Claude steals 20% of movement speed and 10% of attack speed of enemies within a fan-shaped area. Deals 160 (+40% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage. Claude increases his own movement and attack speed for 6 secs, depending on the number of enemies affected. The speed bonus of Claude is doubled when stealing speed from enemy heroes.

 Battle Mirror Image

CD: 11.0 Mana Cost: 70

Claude uses Dr. Rooney’s device to leave a mirror image of Dexter at a designated location. Dexter’s mirror image automatically attacks enemy units. Mirror Image lasts for 5.5 secs and deals 100% of Dexter’s Physical Damage in basic damage. Claude can activate this skill again to switch places with the mirror image.

 Blazing Duet

CD: 50.0 Mana Cost: 150

Claude and Dexter unleash a barrage attack, dealing continuous damage to enemies within the duo’s surrounding area. Lasts for 3 secs. Every hit inflicts 80 (+15% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to an enemy unit.
This attack damage is considered a basic attack and triggers the effects of Claude’s basic attacks. Also, generates a shield with 20 (+4% Total Physical Attack) points. Bonus attack speed will also increase hit rate. When Claude’s attack is in full burst, enemy minions will experience 400% of damage.


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