Time Keeper

Role – Support

Specialty – Crowd Control/Poke

 Young Again


Time will reverse after death and Diggie will become an egg. Movement will be possible and Diggie will receive all new chick abilities. Diggie cannot be targeted in egg form, and after a period of time, Diggie will revive.

 Time Bomb

CD: 8.0 Mana Cost: 70

Diggie throws an alarm clock at the targeted direction, it will explode after a set amount of time dealing 300(+40% total magic Power) (+0%) in an area and stunning for 1.2 secs, damage scales with tick time (during ticking, tap again to immediately detonate the bomb, if the bomb is detonated before 2 secs, it will only slow instead of stun)

 Reverse Time 

CD: 15.0 Mana Cost: 90

Diggie locks onto the target dealing 10 points of Magic Damage and slowing, after 3 secs the target will be pulled back into the set location and dealt 150(+50% Total Magic Power)points of Magical Damage and slowed. If the enemy get too far away, they will immediately be pulled into the set location and be damaged.

 Time Journey

CD: 60.0 Mana Cost: 130

For 2.5 secs surrounding allies will be immune to crowd control effects. At cast, surrounding allies gain a shield. Lasting 5 secs.


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