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HANABI information

Scarlet Flower

Role – Marksman

Specialty – Regen/Burst

 Ninjutsu: Equinox


The Scarlet Shadow’s secret technique. When Hanabi’s HP is full, 50% of health that would have been granted from Lifesteal is converted into a shield for up to 20% of her Max HP. When this shield is active, Hanabi is immune to all controls and her Movement Speed is increase by 30.

 Ninjutsu: Petal Barrage

CD: 0.0 Mana Cost: 20

Hanabi consumes to Mana to unleash the flower demon sealed within the Higanbana, firing petal blades to her enemies. After each basic attack hits, a new blade will spawn and deal 50% points of Physical Damage the enemy. Fires 3 petals ( damage has diminishing returns with each hit ). Passive: Hanabi gains 3% Physical Lifesteal, which will increase by 2% each time this skill’s level is upgraded.

 Ninjutsu: Soul Scroll

CD: 12.0 Mana Cost: 35

Fires a kunai in the specified direction, attached to a scroll sealed with demonic flower energy. Deals 400(+80% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies it hits along the way and slows them by 60% for 2 secs. Hanabi will recover 140 mana for each enemy hero hit.

 Forbidden Jutsu: Higanbana

CD: 40.0 Mana Cost: 120

When the flowers blossom, the leaves are forgotten. Hanabi completely unlocks the Higanbana’s seal and launches it at the enemy. After hitting an enemy, the Higanbana blooms, dealing 400(+100% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage and immobilizing them for 2 secs, then spread to nearby enemies. After a certain period of time, if the enemy is still within range of the Higanbana, a new flower will appear, causing the same damage and immobilizing effect. The spreading effect only works once per hero.


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