Desert Scimitar

Role – Fighter

Specialty – Damage/Regen

Sand Walk


Khaleed accumulates Desert Power while moving. After Desert Power is fully charged, Khaleed will slide on sand, increasing Movement Speed by 25% and enhancing his next Basic Attack. With the enhanced Basic Attack, Khaleed dashes to the target and raises a wave of surging sand, dealing (+160% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to the target and enemies behind and leaving a pool of sand for 2s. (This damage cannot be a critical hit).

Khaleed gains 25% Movement Speed on the sand pool while his enemies are slowed by 25% on it.

Desert Tornado

CD: 6.5 Type: Physical Skill/Blink

Khaleed whirls his scimitar, dealing 200(+125% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to nearby enemies.

Upon hitting an enemy, Khaleed can leap one time in the movement direction and casts this skill again. He can cast a maximum of 3 time(s). Each time he cast the skill, the damage in increased by 10%.

This skill deals 50% damage to minions and creeps.

quicksand Guard

CD: 22.0 Type: Heal

Khaleed protects himself with the power of the quicksand, restoring 60+5% of his lost HP and 10 Desert Power every 0.5s, reducing damage taken by 50% for up to 4s.

While channeling, quicksand appears under his feet, slowing the enemy by 60%. this skill is a Focused Cast. Any other controls will interrupt this skill.

Raging Sandstorm

CD: 46.0 Type: Physical Skill/Blink

Khaleed summons a sandstorm and rushes towards a designated place, gaining control immunity during the period, dealing 150(+80% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to enemies on the path and constantly pushing them.

Upon arriving at the destination, Khaleed shakes the ground, dealing 500(+160% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to enemies within the area and stunning them for 1s.


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