LEOMORD Play Video

LEOMORD information

Hell Knight

Role – Fighter

Specialty – Push/Burst

 The Oath Keeper


If the target’s HP is lower than 30%, Leomord deals critical damage.


CD: 7.0

Leomord immediately gains a shield and can charge his attack. He then deals 360(+140% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage and slows enemy units by 60%, within the damage area. The longer Leomord charges this skill, the higher its damage. Any actions that interrupt Leomord’s charge automatically triggers the attack.

 Decimation Assault

CD: 14.0

Leomord quickly travels in square shape, dealing 300(+50% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies near his path and destination. Slows enemy units by 50%.

 Phantom Steed

CD: 55.0

Leomord calls for Barbiel, his steed, to rush into the battlefield and knock back all enemies in its way. Barbiel deals 350(+100% total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemy units in his path, slowing them by 50%. If Barbiel comes in contact with Leomord, they will enter a mounted state. While in a mounted state, Leomord gains a whole new set of skills. Leomord’s can use basic attacks within a circular area, even while moving. Additionally, Leomord increases his movement speed and physical/magical defense by 40 points.


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