MELISSA information

Role – Marksman

Specialty – Reap/Damage

Doll Buster


“My tailor shop excels at fixing and “fixing” dolls. Am I right, Muddles?”

“My tailor shop excels at fixing and “fixing” dolls. Am I right, Muddles?”

(Melissa deals 150% damage to minions and summon units.)


CD: 8.0 Mana Cost: 60 Type: Blink

Melissa is falling… In your deams!

“Watch me slide forward and increase my Attack Speed for 3 seconds – Ah, that was just boring…”

Muddles, go that way!”

Cuddles, come here!”

( The skill’s cooldown is reduced by 1.2s each time Melissa damages the enemy by attacking Muddles.)

Eyes On You!

CD: 1.5 Mana Cost: 50 Type: Physical Skill

Go, Dummies… I mean Muddles…

” The plan’s like this: Throw Muddles out to hold the bad guys, and then… I come on stage!”

” I puncture the bad guys, while Giggles hit Muddles to punish the bad guys as well! Hee, fantastic!”

( Muddles deals 250(+80% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage on the first hit and links nearby enemies for up to 6s. Linked enemies will be slowed by 60% that decays over 1.5s and can break the link by moving out of the range. Muddles will return to Melissa early when she’s too far away,\. When Muddles is present, you can tap the Attack Minion button to directly attack Muddles, though it cannot trigger the multi-hit damage.)

Go Away!

CD: 40.0 Mana Cost: 120 Type: Magic Skill

No one can stop Melissa.

Cuddles, protect me! for 4 seconds, let no bad guy come close. Unless I say otherwise!”

(The filed will also interrupt the enemy’s movement skills unless they’re immune to control effects.

The field will disappear early if Melissa leaves the field.)

Passive: When the skill is ready, Cuddles will appear and grant Melissa extra and Physical and Magic Defense.


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