VALENTINA information

Role – Mage

Specialty – Burst/Reap

Primal Force


Valentina gains 22-50 EXP each time she deals damage to an enemy hero. Cooldown 2s.

If the enemy hero’s level isn’t higher than Valentina’s, 46-60% of the damage dealt will be converted into her HP.

Shadow Strike

CD: 7.0 Mana Cost: 70 Type: Magic Skill
Valentina deals 320(+185% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies in front and slows them by 40% for 1s.

Also applies a Shadow Sigil that lasts 4s to enemy heroes hit. Marked enemies that are hit by Shadow Strike again will be terrified for 0.7s.

Arcane Shade

CD: 10.0 Mana Cost: 45 Type: Magic Skill/Blink

Valentina fire 3 Shadow Bolts at nearby enemies and dashes forward, each Shadow Bolt dealing 125(+30% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. Valentina can cast this skill again within 6s (Cost Mana).

Each time a shadow Bolt hits an enemy, the cooldown of Shadow Strike is reduced by 1s.

I Am You

CD: 35.0

Valentina siphons the power of designated enemy hero, gaining the ability to cast their Ultimate, and slows them by 70% for 0.5s. after casting the enemy’s Ultimate. Valentina will turn into the enemy hero’s form and inherit their Basic attack type for up to 12s (regular skills remain unchanged, unless the enemy’s Ultimate has Morph effect).

This skill has no effect on enemy Valentina. The stolen Ultimate’s level is determined by that of Valentina’s own Ultimate. If the enemy hero is a Physical Damage hero, Valentina will gain (+100% Total Magic Power) extra Physical Attack for the duration.


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